"From the dirt, to your door"
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Hey y'all, and welcome future Farmhands!  Thank you for your interest in buying LOCAL and supporting your Ga local, and regional farmers. A convenient delivery service, offers a fully customized variety of top quality products from your local farmers throughout Ga, and the regional agricultural scene. "From The Dirt To Your Door"
, we deliver the freshest foods you can buy. Offering fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, honey and other artisan goods. Our diverse selection from our farmers market brings you local grown to your front door. Delightful, farm fresh flavor, and a diverse, fully customized selection delivered each week to your home or office on an affordable budget.  

Local farmers, local people, your community.

Chemical free, farm-fresh products from your local family owned farms are held at a higher standard than foods that are purchased from your local grocery retailers, making them a healthier choice. 
By purchasing your goods from, you are sourcing from your Georgia farmers and regional network who are growing under sustainable standards.  You are doing your part to help leave a sustainable footprint in our Ga community.  You keep your money in our communities and help YOUR local economy.  Local farm fresh flavor is unsurpassed to all other products available at your local grocery retailers, and we are able to offer these excellent products to you at an affordable cost. Our convenient service allows you to receive fresh farm goods from our Georgia, and regional farmer network with delivery to your home or office.

urchasing from local resources is good for your local farmers, your community, and good for your health! We are passionate about bringing you a new and convenient way to experience the farm-to-fork experience. What are you waiting for?

              Eat SeasonalBuy Local * Eat Healthy

Farm Partners
The Little Farm, Gray Ga
East Georgia Produce, Bartow Ga
Nature Crisp Farms, Soperton Ga
R & G Farms, Dublin Ga
Rags & Frass, Jeffersonville Ga
Field Fresh Organics, Perry Ga
Local Lands Produce, Wrightesville Ga
Babe & Sage Farms, Gordon Ga
Southern Swiss Dairy, Swainsboro Ga
Oliver Farms, Pitts Ga
Greenway Farms, Roberta Ga
H Farmers Produce & Farm Fresh Eggs, Tennille Ga
Sparta Imperial Mushrooms, Sparta Ga
Grassroots Farm, Tattnall County Ga
Rocking Chair Beef, Forsyth Ga
Blue Moon Creamery, Gwinnett Ga
Native Seafood & Shrimp Co., New Brunswick Ga 
Gibbs Farm, Abbeville Ga

Many, many more local farmers growing or producing artisan farm goods with our high expectations and standards, on your locally grown sourced goods. We are passionate, and committed to providing your family with the freshest, most nutritious, flavorful  farm goods your money can buy. 

"Real food" Benefits
  • "Real Food" has flavor and vitamin benefits of eating ultra-fresh, sustainably grown, chemical free local food
  • "Real Food" is seasonal and comes direct from the harvest of local farmers. Our food is grown within a day’s drive so it ripens in the ground, not on the back of a truck on the way to your local retailer.
  • "Real Food" has a story. Understand and learn from the farmer who grows the local food and learn more about how our local food is grown through our Got Dirt? Newsletter
  • "Real Food" is local. Your supporting our local farmers that support sustainability and leaving a positive footprint in our local community.  Your veggies are grown chemical free under organic standards making them a healthier choice. Get exposed to new vegetables, eating seasonally..... and new ways of cooking
  • "Real Food" gives back. Buying local and supporting our CSA helps our local farmers predict how much food to grow and bring to harvest
  • "Real Food" is farm-to-table. Transparency is important. Every small farmer we work with is hand selected by our team is traceable to the original producer.
  • Great flavor comes from fresh and in-season foods that are harvested and thoughtfully made. Eating healthy is easiest when your food is delicious and seasonal. Your heart will thank you and your taste buds will celebrate.
  • works directly with farmers who only use certified non-GMO seeds and sustainable farming methods. 
  •  "Real Food" is a joy worth sharing. Real food forges a connection with those you eat with, cook with, and buy from. Bring your family — and your community — together with food that will create memories and sustain you for the long haul.


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