At we take a flexible program and make it completely customized to what your family wants.  We use a network of Ga farmers, not just one or two farms. This ensures a good weekly variety, depending on what is available for harvest from our Ga growers.  We let you customize from the list of products we are bringing to harvest on our Farm Table section each week. You pick and choose anything you want from over 50 different items. From chemical free locally grown veggies, to all-natural milk, farm butter, fresh farm eggs, homemade jams, and the list goes on to numerous different local goods.

What is "LOCAL"?
Local can mean South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida; anywhere within a 450 mile radius according to the USDA definition of local. Our commitment is to your locally grown Ga farmers and sourced from within our region. If availability is limited, or unavailable, we have partnerships with farm friends who are regional growers in Florida, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee who are also on the same seasonal growing patterns, and growing under the same sustainable standards we expect. We keep your dollars either immediate local first, or regional local and creating the least amount of carbon footprint possible. We pride ourselves and our strong relationships we have with our immediate local producers listed on our Home Page. The regional options available from our farm friends in neighboring states gives you alternatives when our Local sustainable produce and fruits are not available.They are clearly labeled and identified under the Certified Organic/Regional. Thus promoting our regional independence with our hard earned dollar. 

We are dedicated to consistently working with the our area's local farmers first to utilize in-season produce, and to proficiently plan the plantings of various vegetables in seasons to come. Having a close bond with our farmer family gives us the ability to hand pick and deliver to your doorstep, the freshest fruits and vegetables, within 24-48 hours of harvest. This gives you, the Farm Share subscriber, a direct advantage over settling for sub-par quality and freshness from mass produced vegetables that lose their vital nutritional value do to excessive transportation time! 

So what is your "Organic"?
What is organic food? The USDA National Organic Program defines it as "Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.  Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones.  Organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bio-engineering; or ionizing radiation. Before a product can be labeled ‘organic,’ a Government-approved certifier inspects the farm where the food is grown to make sure the farmer is following all the rules necessary to meet USDA organic standards." The federal government has made it unreasonable with outrageous fees and profiteering for our small family farmers we source from to be "certified organic." Our standards on locally grown sourced produce must be grown with the above listed expectations, and are stewards in soil conservation on all vegetables. Utilizing and using naturally grown methods, the same way our grandparents used to. We do offer some Certified Organic options from our regional producers as alternatives when our Local sustainable produce and fruits are not available. All producers of the fruits and veggies are clearly listed upon ordering as: Local, or Certified Organic/ Regional. If we use a local farmer that is not growing under the above listed conditions, it is clearly listed, and you have Certified Organic/Regional choices.  For example: Most of our U-Pick fruit farms are all conventional growers. Very few fruit farms in the state of Ga grow organically due to the excessive weather conditions and severe crop loss that goes with these conditions. That does not mean we shouldn't support our immediate LOCAL farmer first before we reach out to our regional neighbors. We will give you both options that week of either Certified Organic/Regional, or the Local option. All farmers and/or states we harvest from, and their growing standards are clearly listed. We let you decide whats important: Local or Organic? If it's both, then it's a win-win! We pride our service in GOOD food, LOCAL food, REAL food.

How do I get started?
First, pick a Farm Share that is best suited for your family. Go to the "Farmhands" tab located at the top of this menu and click on it. Next choose the Farm Share that is best suited for your family. Once you know what Farm Share best suits your families needs to get started, click on the How It Works section. Review this section of our site in it's entirety. You must comply and agree to the Terms and Conditions located at the bottom of the How It Works page. Then you simply fill click on SIGN UP NOW and get yourself started. After you sign up a member of Team Dirt will be calling you to complete the sign up process, and answer any questions you have. You must review the How It Works section of our website before we call you, and agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you are a referral, please put in the comments section the name of the person referring you before you complete the sign up process.

When does the Farm Table Selections and Newsletter come out?
You will be emailed our Farm Table selections, and Got Dirt? Newsletter each Saturday with a list of vegetables we will have available for harvest the coming week. You will email your customized selections you've chosen to us by that Monday at 11am (no exceptions.)  Your customized Farm Share will arrive at your doorstep the following Saturday. You customize, the farmers harvest, we deliver! It is possible that once you take a look at your Farm Table selections, you will come across a product that you are not familiar with or how to cook it. That is ok! We will provide you with a brief description on the health advantages to specific produce items, and their flavor profile in the weekly Got Dirt? Newsletter. The newsletter will also include a recipe list to encourage you to use your fresh foods in a different and delicious way. This program is about connecting you to your local farmer, and giving your family the nutritional health advantages to eating nutritionally, and farm fresh. 
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What if i go on Vacations or out of town on business?
Enjoy your vacation or business trip!  Simply log-in to your personal Farmhand account: Click here, and schedule your vacation on the calendar. The system will automatically notify us, put your delivery on hold, and resume automatically upon your return. It's that easy!  You will not be penalized or lose that week.  Your delivery schedule will resume when you return. Have a safe trip! 

Our Guarantee – guarantees our produce for quality and freshness, and we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. If for any reason, you are not happy, please contact us at 478-974-2079 or Our vision statement is “Excellence in Everything Local” and we strive to exceed your expectations each and every week.

Local charities & non profit organizations:
At Team Dirt we would like to pay it forward and do our part to support our local community.  We will be donating a portion of our weekly vegetable selections to a local food pantry.  The charity will change on a weekly, or monthly basis.  Please let us know of local charities that you feel we should support.  We would like to keep the charitable food contributions in the local community, so please take that into consideration when contacting us. If you have an event, charity or non-profit you think we can help with, contact us at:

Thank You! - Your membership to reflects your commitment to help grow and strengthen the local food network. Thank you and enjoy in good health!

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