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Did you know..... "If you look at today's agriculture in the state of Georgia, a conventional farm that ships to grocery stores and out of state, .25 cents of every dollar generated stays within this local economy. On local produce, and local Farmers Markets .75 cents of every dollar stays within your local economy and local community" 
Dr. Rusty Bean ~ The Little Farm, Gray Ga

The Dirtfarmer Program
All Farmhand members must read this section and then click "I AGREE" to complete the sign up process when setting up your subscription. You are responsible to know this section and we will gladly answer any questions upon enrollment. is a convenient home delivery CSA bringing locally grown, seasonal vegetables, certified organic regional fruits/veggies, and a complete Farmers Market selections to your doorstep. All local items are direct from your Georgia farmer network, and regional growers using sustainable methods. Your Farm Share selections are not just limited to local grown seasonal veggie selections.
 You have full access to seasonal fruits, homemade farm jams, local raw honey, artisan breads, real farm butter, pasteurized all-natural farm fresh milk, local meats, and the list goes on and on with your Farm Share options.

Becoming a Farmhand member we ask for an eight purchase subscription that must be met in 16 weeks for free delivery to your home or office on Saturday's. This commitment means that you agree to receive eight separate deliveries on one of our Farm Share programs over 16 weeks, and you will choose either weekly, or bi-weekly. We offer a trial purchase for those that would like to test our local products before committing to eight weeks. We offer a trial purchase on Standard Farm Shares or XL. If you choose this option you will be charged a $5 fee on your first order.
If you choose NOT to continue, you must send us an email stating you do not wish to continue. You may choose any size Farm Share on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis, but must complete your subscription within 16 weeks.

 See our Farm Share section of the website and choose a Farm Share that is suitable for your family. You are not committed to this size Farm Share during your 8 purchase commitment. You may go up or down in Farm Share size during the 8 purchase commitment to fit your families budget. We give you flexible spending each purchase.  

After you complete your eight purchase commitment,
your service automatically continues. We will continue with your delivery schedule like normal, with no commitment. You may choose to cancel the service at any time, with no penalty after your subscription is fulfilled. If you choose to cancel, you may do so by emailing us at
 before your next scheduled delivery (No later than Monday at 11am before the store closes.)  If you choose to pay on the weekly or bi-weekly option, and choose to cancel before the eight purchase commitment is complete, you authorize to charge you for half the amount of your Farm Share for the remaining deliveries.  

You are free to make any changes to the size of your Farm Share, and frequency of delivery, 
any time during the program. Bi-Weekly can go to weekly, and Weekly can go to Bi-Weekly. Should you need to skip a week due to vacation, traveling for business, or unable to accept a delivery for other reasons you will not be penalized. Your weekly deliveries will resume once you return. It is your responsibility to schedule your vacation or "skip week" in your personalized Farmigo account. Your cancellation must be done by the order deadline of Monday at 11am before the scheduled delivery day.

Emergencies do happen, and we will be understanding if something comes up on shorter notice. We are here to support our community, by becoming a Farmhand member, we consider you a part of the Team Dirt family. However, failure to notify us that you will not be home that weekend, or not going to show for a pickup the Sunday before your next scheduled delivery, you authorize permission to charge the full amount of your Farm Share delivery to the credit card on file.  A last minute trip to the mountains or weekend getaway does not count as an emergency. We can take a reservation for pickup on Thursday (must call in advance), or hold your box for you until Sunday or Monday.

Our CSA service
 is set up to work for you and your family, and offer a convenient way to give you access to our Ga grown farmer network. You customize, the farmers harvest, we deliver! Sign up now

Your delivery day depends on your location. Currently only Macon deliveries are available, and the deliveries are made on Saturdays. We are working to increase our delivery day options, and add more drop-off locations. If you are out of our service area, we do have a pickup location available in North Macon on Wesleyan Drive. You may request our pick-up address if you would like this option. We will notify you of your specific delivery or pickup day upon enrollment.  

On your first delivery our team will deliver the vegetables in a Farm Box that will be issued to each customer.  We ask that on your 2nd delivery you return the empty box, and we leave you a new box filled with your local grown Farm Table or Farmers Choice selections.  We will then rotate the two boxes for each future delivery. For our deliveries to continue to run smoothly and efficiently, it is essential that you return your extra box each week. This keeps our costs low, and a larger selection for you at the Farm Table and Farmers Choice. 

Please make sure you have cold packs or ice cubes in your cooler so we can leave any refrigerated items in your cooler (eggs, dairy, etc).  P
lease leave a cooler outside for each delivery, we respect your privacy, and do not wish to disturb your family.  Please note that we will not be responsible for items that lose their integrity due to improper storage(i.e. leaving it in the cooler unattended for too long).  

You are welcome to make arrangements with a neighbor to receive your delivery while you are away. If you choose this option, please notify us prior to your delivery and we will contact you to accommodate your request. 
If you are paying with a check, we ask that you leave the money in the cooler with your empty box.  

You have the option to pay by cash, or pay by credit card. All payment transactions are set up through our secure online Farmigo shopping cart feature. Your credit card payments are set-up on auto-pay and will process 3 days before your delivery to ensure sufficient funds are available to pay for your Farm Share. With our new secure online Farmigo shopping cart, you don't have to worry about the hassle of getting us your payment with the credit card option. Pricing includes all credit/debit card processing fees

We offer 2 pickup/delivery days Friday or Saturday. We have different pickup locations throughout Macon, and now include Forsyth, Warner Robins, and Perry. You will choose your pickup location during sign up. 

Our Farmigo Shopping Cart
We use a web-based software program called Farmigo to help manage the financial interactions between our customers and LLC. With it, Farmhand members have online access to their own accounts. You will be responsible for keeping up with your payments and submitting any dates for vacation. LLC will send out reminders for payments and alert you to changes made within the program so please make sure that is in your address book to protect our communications from spam filters.

Each week you will be emailed the Got Dirt? Newsletter which will showcase selected veggies, and local goods. You will receive an email notification that will let you know the store is ready for you to begin your shopping and customizations. Click on the Store Link provided. Once you signed in with your user-name and password you will be in your personal account. You may now start to customize your weekly selections! You have till Monday morning at 10am to send in your customizations and add-ons. The store will close on Monday at 11am, but don't worry, we send you reminders so you don't forget. 

In your Farmigo member portal, you have complete control of your Farmshare membership. You can access your Account Log In by scrolling to the bottom of our Home Page located at It will re-cap your Farm Share purchase and the total amount due before your next scheduled delivery or pickup. Skip a week for vacation or family emergency. Change payment options. Switch from a delivery to a pickup that week. All your Farm Share account communications will be done here and you will be required to manage your account and selections each week.

Last-Minute Cancellations for vacations or family emergencies
We provide a convenient service to our community, and will work with you in case of emergencies. However, we can not endure the costs associated to prepare the order, for the farmers to harvest, and to plan for your delivery, with failure to notify us within the appropriate time for any other cancellations.  You must notify us by Monday. We will be understanding in most circumstances that are related to family emergency. These circumstances do not include: decided at last minute to go out of for family travel, attend entertainment, social and sporting venues, etc. You will need to make arrangements with a neighbor or family member, or arrange for pickup here at our farm located on Wesleyan Drive on Sunday or Monday. You will be charged full price of your Farm Share for lack of proper notification. 
Thank you for your understanding. offers 2 farm share options:

No one knows your family like you do! So we offer two Farm Share options to choose from every week.  You can pick the limited selection "Farmer's Choice," where we pick for you like a traditional CSA. Or for those who want to design their own Farm Share, you can fully customize your Farm Share. Click here for Farm Share pricing and Point Values. Listed below is how each option works.

 1.our fully customized CSA Option
We allow you the option of customizing your Farm Share. Here you will do your local shopping any way you choose at the Farm Table section of the weekly email to our Farmhand members. Every Friday, you will receive an email that includes our "Got Dirt?" Newsletter, and Farm Table selections. In the Farm Table section, you are able to completely customize your Farm Share delivery any way you would like. The current list of vegetables and artisan goods that will be available for you to customize next week's Farm Share will be listed in the Farm Table section. If you prefer more tomatoes over squash, pick more tomatoes. You must pick a minimum amount of veggies associated with your Farm Share credit value. For example:

*Basic Share must pick a minimum of 3 veggie "shares".
It can be 3 "shares" of the same veggie ("shares" is the terminology we use for quantity. So it would be a quantity of 3).

 *If you want 3 shares of carrots, great! No one knows your family better than you do...your minimum veggies selection has been met. Your carrots have a credit value assigned to them and are listed with each veggie. If they were a credit value of 3, spend the remaining points you have left ANY WAY YOU WANT. Choose farm butter, all-natural milk, yogurt, artisan bread, local raw honey. Pick anything at the Farm Table.
*If you want to spend your credit value on all veggies, that's okay! We will harvest and customize your Farm Share in the Farm Table option any way you choose. If you have food allergies as well as any products you don't like, don't pick them. We are giving you the options of having a fully customized Farm Share CSA service.  All custom selections must be emailed to us by midnight on Sunday evening to .

 2.Farmers Choice Option
Don't want to customize your Farm Share? Maybe you were just too busy this week to customize from the Farm Table this week. No problem! Each week we list a Farmers Choice selection on your Got Dirt? Newsletter. We will choose for you with the farmer like a traditional CSA. There can be no substitutions to the Farmers Choice, but you may add-on items located in the Farmers Market. On your Got Dirt? Newsletter the selections will be listed as "Farmers Choice". This is how our original CSA format started, and we will continue this option. It will include the minimum veggie selection requirement, but may also include jams, eggs, artisan bread, honey, etc. Many of our Farmhands love this option and have given us the nickname "the Veggie Elf," because of the weekly surprise. 

In our "Got Dirt?" Newsletter, we will post recipes for our Farmers Choice selections that will include an additional ingredient list.  This ingredient list will allow you to plan ahead and gather all the supplies you may need to make the recipes for the coming week. These recipes and the Farmers Choice option will encourage you to try something new your family may have never tried. For example: Fennel, Bok Choy, Pak Choi, Arugula, etc.

Can I customize the Farmers Choice selections? Yes, you may substitute and customize from the list we provide each week in the Farm Table selections. It works on the same point value system as the Farm Table. You can mix and match any way you choose. If you are scheduled for a delivery, and we do not hear from you, you will automatically receive the Farmers Choice selections we chose that week for the Farm Share plan you initially enrolled in upon setup.  

So, you can fully customize your selections from the Farm Table, or the "Veggie Elf" can surprise you and spend your point value for you in the Farmers Choice selections. Freedom of choice is a great thing, but so is the joy of a nice surprise!
 All additions or changes must be submitted by Sunday at midnight each week    

Farmers Market
We offer a Farmers Market weekly which includes Certified Organic produce, and fruits in addition to our local grown availability . You may add any of these items to your weekly Farm Share for an additional cost. The pricing is exclusive to our Farmhand members. Selections and availability are available in our Farmhand member store. Items subject to change along with weekly availability from our local artisans and farmers.

We offer a variety of items that are put together in our weekly Farm Table selections.  The items are based on goods that are available for harvest at that time from our Ga local farmers and artisans. We offer a minimum of 50 different items from locally grown veggies, local fruits, homemade farm jams, local raw honey, all-natural pasteurized farm milk, farm fresh eggs, certified organic fruits, and artisan breads to name a few. All of our perishable items are harvested, or made to order, and are packed with nutritional value unsurpassed to what is available from your local grocery retailers. The list expands each week on available Georga grown produce and local artisan goods. You customize your Farm Shares depending on the Farmhand Membership plan you choose to ensure a good assortment of products. We will also email the "Got Dirt?" newsletter every Saturday before your delivery with nutritional information, storage tips, and recipes to cook the heirloom veggies and fruits you're not familiar with. This will help you get the most out of your farm to table experience.

Our newsletter is emailed each week to who we call our "
Farmhands". That's you (finger pointing), if you choose to enroll in our local grown CSA delivery service.  

In an effort to do our part in sustainability and save trees, we will only email the "Got Dirt" Newsletter, Farm Table, and Farmers Choice selections. Again, the newsletter is available every week in an email to our Farmhand members. When you buy local through, you are helping your local farmers and artisans, so we consider you a part of Team Dirt. Welcome to the family!  

 Credit Value System
Each of our Farm Shares: Basic, Standard, Large, XL, has a point value for you to spend each week. You are required to spend a minimum amount of your credits on our locally grown, chemical free veggies. So a Basic Farm Share has to spend their credits on a minimum of 3 veggie shares. It can be all the same vegetable.
*For example: 3 Fingerling Potatoes, 1lb (4credits). You just spent 12 credits, and customized 3lbs of fingerling potatoes for your next scheduled delivery.
*Another example: Pick 3 shares: You want 3 different veggies of your choice: 1  Purple Bell Peppers 3ea (4credits), 1  Sweet Potatoes 1.5lbs (3credits), 1 Share Cucumbers 3ea (2credits). You just spent 9 credits. Now your minimum veggie share is chosen. Every locally grown, chemical free veggie will have points listed with them as seen in the example above. You deduct your credits from your credit total. Now the rest of your credits are yours to spend however you want!

Can I spend all my points on just veggies? YES! Can I spend the leftover credits on anything? YES!..... customize anything listed at the Farm Table. Spend your credits any way YOU choose. You customize, we harvest!

What if I go over my allowed credit value? You will be charged $1.59 for every point you go over. What if I don't use all my credits? Credits do not accrue or rollover. 

Our credit value system gives you the opportunity to customize your Farm Share any way you want to, as well as having access to all our local farmers every week.


We encourage our Farmhand members to give us feedback about product quality and contents by emailing us at It is very important that you include your full name, phone number, and Farmhand member ID, on all correspondence.
For quality issues, please let us know when you received your Farm Share and how you are storing the produce, or your other items. We are happy to send a replacement item on your next delivery for any items that are not up to your satisfaction.

We stand behind our local farmer, and artisan network. We will guarantee our products and strive for 100% customer satisfaction on local grown goods.


After your 8th purchase commitment is complete, you have the choice of discontinuing our service.  
It is up to you to let us know if you are ready to cancel. You can continue your Farm Share week to week, or skip a week. It is your choice. If we do not hear from you we will continue automatically to service your family with local farm fresh veggies, fruits, and local artisan goods. Just let us know if you need to cancel our service. There will be no penalty for cancellations after your 8 purchase commitment. It is your responsibility to notify us of your cancellation, or if you choose to skip a week. 

We offer incentives for referrals.  Our Pay Dirt section is for referring a friend or family member. For every customer that enrolls and lists your name under the referral section, you will receive 5 credits (we call em' Dirt'Bucks). This credit will be posted on your Farmigo account, after they receive their first scheduled delivery. The Dirt'Buck credits can only be used towards your Farm Share selections. Point value is not spendable in the Farmers Market section. Again, the 5 credits will be used at your discretion in the weekly Farm Share selections.

 Terms & Conditions
Are you excited about supporting locally grown and ready to get started!? We are ready to have you become a part of our Team Dirt Family as a Farmhand share member. First, you must agree to our Terms & Conditions. By signing up with our service, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Upon your initial enrollment you agree to pay a one-time Membership Fee of $10 for your Farm Boxes and membership set up fee which will be billed on your first invoice and is non-refundable. You will be issued 2  Farm Boxes that are your responsibility to keep clean, and rotate out, with each delivery. Upon your first delivery you will receive 1 Farm Box filled with your Farm Share selections for that week. You are to return that Farm Box clean and in good condition on your next delivery. We will swap out your Farm Box each week. If we damage your Farm Box, you will be issued a new one with no additional fee. If it gets normal wear and tear, you may request a new one at no additional charge (per our approval). If you damage it, and it is unusable for more deliveries, you agree to pay $5.00 for a new one. If you forget to leave us your Farm Box on your next scheduled delivery, you will be given a 1 week/purchase grace period to return your Farm Box. If this happens, you must return 2 Farm Boxes, (the one you forgot to rotate out, and the one we loaned you). Failure to do agree to an additional $5.00 charge that will be billed automatically on your next invoice, and to pay the full amount charged for the Farm Box we loaned you.. This is a very large expense to our CSA service, and we cannot endure the cost associated with replacing your Farm Box each week you forget to return them, or damage them. Please do your best to keep them in good condition during your local grown journey.

 If you choose to cancel your subscription before your 8 purchase commitment is fulfilled, you will be responsible to pay for half of the remaining Farm Shares to fulfill your committment. You must email us the Monday before your next scheduled delivery by 11am. 

. All credit card transactions will be processed through Farmigo. No additonal fees will be incurred by you.  Your credit card transaction will be automatically debited 3 days before your pickup or delivery. Pickup locations that are not our farm, will only be able to process by credit card. No checks or cash will be accepted by the local business for you Farm Share purchase. You need to remember this when you sign up and are prompted payment options.
4. Deliveries- Delivery times will vary and we can not guarantee a specific time each week. We usually will give you a 3 hour time window which can change week to week. We do offer Pickup Options and flexible times that will work best for your schedule. We offer an additional 5% discount for those families that wish to choose a pick-up option from one of the designated locations upon enrollment. Plus you will receive a coupon for each specified pickup location to use towards a purchase in their business. We are rewarding our small business pickup locations that are supporting local grown.

 Our service was created to provide our local community a new, exciting and convenient way to experience local grown. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Thank you for agreeing to our terms and conditions. Ready to become a part of our Team Dirt Family!? Fill out the Contact Form and we will get to your request.... after the goats get fed (click here)

To cancel your Farm Share membership please contact us at

 Any holiday changes will be noted on your weekly newsletters and email. It is your responsibility as a Farmhand member, to read your newsletter and check the website for these changes.

Remember, ALL changes, substitutions, additions and cancellations must be submitted by Monday of each week by 11am 
We are unable to honor any changes made after Monday at 11am.

See you soon future Farmhands!

I agree to the Terms & Conditions and would like to   Sign up now

Eat Seasonal * Buy Local * Eat Fresh

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