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What is, and what are we bringing from the farm to the table?

Ironically, and merely coincidence on April 22nd, 2013 (Earth Day) we decided to provide a convenient service, and spread a message to our local community. We wanted to share with our local community and surrounding counties Community Supported Agriculture: (click here). We decided to create a delivery service that provides farm fresh local vegetables, fruits, and artisan goods from "Dirt To Door". To give you the opportunity to support your Ga local agricultural community, and make it convenient for you to be a part of it. What a CSA provides, is an opportunity for you to bond with your local farmer, and shares the risk associated with them to grow your vegetables and fruit. You "buy in" to support their farms, and help fuel their passion to grow chemical free produce. Having the opportunity in knowing your food source and who grows it, is one of the single most important decisions you can make for your family. As member of Team Dirt, you get a "Dirt to Door" service, and we experience whatever agricultural foes our local farmers have to deal with on a local level. We share the risk with the farmers.  If we experience a lot of rain for 3 weeks prior to your Farm Share deliveries, our local farmers are going to have a bad time with their harvesting from our down pour of rain.  That 3 weeks of rain that leads up to your Farm Share can create a bad harvest. So that veggie or fruit may not be available that week as we anticipated. As a member of Team Dirt (we call our members Farmhands)  you are sharing the risk with your local farmers. You are investing in 8 weeks of produce, and exposing you and your family to what we in Middle Georgia, are going through agriculturally. You are also learning to eat seasonally with what we can grow in Georgia. 

Our passion is about bringing a local awareness to our community on eating seasonally, buying local artisan goods, and supporting your local Ga economy. Your 8 purchase commitment is packed with recipes, educational information on your locally sourced produce, information on Ga agriculture, local farmer spotlights, recipe challenges, and many other exclusive advantages as a Farmhand member. All of your produce through our program is locally grown under organic standards. Our farmers are stewards in soil conservation, and members of our Ga economy. 
We will always take care of our Farmhand members and make up for any quality issues from the farm, or mistakes on our part. We will make sure you have a pleasant local buying experience for your 8 purchase commitment. Thank you for supporting our local farmers and fueling our passion for everything LOCAL! We look forward to giving you and your family a new way to enjoy buying local, eating seasonally, and learning about the local Ga farmer network.   

From your friends and partners in our local agriculture,

Team Dirt
"Where the earthworms dance, and the caterpillars are no extra charge"

ted in being on the Dirt Farmer team?  Here at, we are looking for Dirt Farmers like you.  We are seeking new Dirt Farmers to help spread the word about the advantages of local buying and encourage a sustainable footprint in our communities.  Our goal is to support our local farmers and give our communities the opportunity to eat fresh and healthy. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a part of Team Dirt, email us at

Interested in being one of our local resources?  Do you have a local product you would like to get from farm to table?  We would love to hear from you! Remember the concept of our business is to encourage sustainability and to promote local products. All products must be grown and harvested from Georgia dirt. Please contact us at

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