Local farmers, local people, our community.

Thank you for your interest in joining our CSA and supporting our local Georgia farmers, artisans and small businesses. To increase our offerings to you we also have clearly marked certified organic foodstuffs from several other regions.

You can stop by our farm to pick up your bountiful share or have the option of our "Dirt to Your Door" service that delivers the freshest foods you can buy – straight to your door or one of our drop-off locations.


Community Supported Agriculture, better know as CSA, refers to a group who’s members receive weekly or bi-weekly shares of food from a farm or group of farms in their region. In joining a CSA you are supporting your local agriculture and community.

At The Dirt Farmers CSA we curate our bounty of offering and provide our Dirt Farm family with seasonal, just-picked harvests from local and organic farmers and artisans as well as artisan goods from local small businesses. 

Our CSA provides you with. choices of  fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, and other artisan goods.  With us you have the option to customize your box or receive the farm-picked farm share and you can recieve your box weekly or bi-weekly subscription service.. 


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Upon signing up to be part of our CSA family you will receive an email notifying you that the online store is ready for you to begin your shopping and customization. 

You select a Box Share based on your needs. Each box is equal to a set amount of credits. Credits are our way of determining the monetary amount associated with each item since produce varies in size and variety. There is an initial $10 fee for your box and packing items.

You are free to make any changes to the size of your Farm Share and frequency of delivery any time during your membership. You can come and go as you please.  If you do not wish to receive weekly email reminders and do not want to automatically receive a box unless you place an order for it each week we offer Flex Shares. Flex Shares allow you to choose when you get a box. 

You are required to purchase a minimum of three produce items for your box – the remainder of credits are yours to spend however you like. Additional credits are available for purchase and you may buy items for prices as listed in our online Farmigo Farmer’s Market. If you wish to receive a dozen eggs each week without spending your credits on them you can opt in for an additional $5.50/dozen.

You have until Monday morning at 10:30am to send in your order. If your order is not placed and received by 10:30am Monday you will automatically receive the Farmer’s Choice selections (unless you have a Flex Share).

It is your responsibility to schedule any weekly hold(s) on your personalized Farmigo account. Your change must be submitted by the order deadline of Monday at 10:30am. If you do not place a hold or customize your box you receive Farmer's Choice.

Any holiday changes will be noted on your our Facebook page and email. It is your responsibility to check for these changes.


Your pick-up/delivery day will be Friday or Saturday depending on your location.

Each week you will receive your order in a farm box - for this to continue to run smoothly and efficiently it is essential that you return your previous week’s box. If you order eggs please return their carton as well.

Home deliveries:
Please leave a cooler outside for each delivery that includes refrigerated and frozen items (eggs, dairy, meats, etc.). Make sure you have cold packs or ice cubes inside of your cooler. Please note that we will not be responsible for items that lose their integrity due to improper storage (i.e. leaving it in the cooler unattended for too long). 

Pick-up at specified drop-off locations:
Thanks to our wonderful community we have pre-designated drop-off locations around town. The exact “how to’s” may vary slightly, but at most locations you’ll pick up your labeled box and then select your individually labeled bag(s) of perishables from the nearby coolers.

Farm Pick-Up:
You’re welcome to come out to The Dirt Farm to pick up your box Fridays from 3-7pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm no matter what day you selected on your box. During that time you can also shop our farmer's market.


We use a web-based software program called Farmigo to help manage the financial interactions between our customers and thedirtfarmers.com LLC. With it you’ll have online access to your own account. We will alert you to changes made within the program so make sure teamdirt@thedirtfarmers.com is in your address book to protect our communications from spam filters. 

All payment transactions are set up through the secure online Farmigo shopping cart feature. Your debit/credit card payments are set up on auto-pay. 

Pricing listed already includes the 3% sales, use tax and all fees associated with processing your payment.


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