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With over 75 different items available weekly, we could not possibly name them all. From local fruits, vegetables, certified organic fruits, grocery items, and dairy products to name a few, here is our Premium Vendor listing.Products in our Farm Store section may not be available through certain times of the year. These are hand crafted products from local farmers and artisans. Product availability depends on the success of the harvest for the raw ingredients needed to develop these local products.  Availability and choices will vary weekly at your Farm Store. These are local family owned operations who put a lot of time, love and passion in making these specialty products.  Thank you for your support of our local artisans!!  Pricing on items below are only available to our Farmhand members and are located in your Farm Store. Not a member yet? See our Farm Share plans: click here
Local Raw Honey
Shamrock Apiaries- Macon, Ga
Local Honey 12oz Squeeze Bear   -   16oz Dripless Squeeze Bottle   -    Bee Pollen 3.5oz         Chunk Honey 16oz          -       Honey Soap Bar     -     Bees Wax Peppermint Lip Balm
Honey Straws    -   Honey Lotion Bar      -   Ol' Fashioned Muth Jar Honey 16oz    -    Beeswax

local Farm fresh Eggs
Our farm fresh & pasture raised Georgia grown eggs are humanely raised, happy hens. We offer chicken, duck, guinea, and quail eggs and availability will vary through times of the year. Coming soon... turkey eggs!
1/2 Dozen
Full Dozen

Local Dairy
Southern Swiss Dairy- Waynesboro, Ga
Local farm fresh milk, and the cream rises to the top. Chemical free, and free of artificial growth hormones. Pasteurized and processed the same day the cows are milked to ensure you get the freshest dairy products availableNo rsBT's! Your local milk from Southern Swiss Dairy will be the freshest, best tasting you've ever had. If it's not the freshest, best tasting milk you've had, we will send the goats to trim your yard!

1/2 lb Butters (made to order from fresh cream) NO preservatives or additives:
Unsalted            Sea Salted Butter           Garlic Butter          Cinnamon Butter
Pasteurized Local Milk (made to order weekly!):  
2%- Pint, 1/2 gallon, & gallon
Skim- Pint, 1/2 gallon, & gallon
Whole- Mini's (1/2 Pint), 1/2 gallon & gallon 
Chocolate- Mini's (1/2 pint), 1/2 gallon, & gallon
Buttermilk- Pint, 1/2 gallon
Half & Half Creamer- Pint, 1/2 gallon
Heavy Cream- Pint, 1/2 gallon
Seasonal: Eggnog

Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery- Atlanta, Ga
24 hours from cow to carton. Made from grass fed Georgia dairy cows
Vanilla & Caramel                       Black Cherry & Port Wine              Tropical Sweet Heat
Mixed Berry                                     Chocolate Rocket                               Peach & Ginger                     Bananas Foster      Vanilla & Plain                                  Seasonal Flavors
Quart Size: Plain, Vanilla

Smith Family Dairy/ Silly Goat- Norman Park, Ga
Artisan small batch local goat cheese, raw goat milk, and their signature goats milk soaps. All milk, cheese, and soap products are made from their herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.
Chevre Cheese: 
Plain - Sesame Garlic -Pineapple Pecan - Almond - French Onion - Tomato Basil - Feta - Tomato Basil Feta - Mozzarella 
Proper Pepper Pimiento Cheese- Dublin, Ga
Proper Pepper is crafted in Georgia, the founder of pimentos in America! So Georgians know a thing or two about pimento cheese. Proper Pepper uses “grated” cheese from a fresh block, not pre-packaged grated cheese and white cheddar, not the cheddar with orange coloring agents. Combined with a southern favorite, Duke’s Mayonnaise (which has no sugar).There’s no surprise that Proper Pepper was a 2015 Flavor of Georgia winner! 

Local Meat
Greenway Farms-Roberta, Ga -Beef, Pork & Chicken
Keeping our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, we have teamed up with local cattle ranchers Kerry and Robin Dunaway.  Kerry and Robin provide you with Grass Fed, Grass Finished (no supplement corn feed, GMO free) fork tender local beef. By aging their beef for our CSA no less than 14 days, their grass fed beef is perfection every bite. We also offer whole cow or half cow. If you are interested in whole cow or half cow options for your family, please email us at: and we will contact you.

STAG/VETS -Comfort Farms- Milledgeville, Ga - Heritage Pork
We are a proud support and farm partner with Comfort Farms. STAG VETS INC created the nations first Acute Veterans Crisis Agriculture center named (Comfort Farms) named in Honor of Army Ranger Captain Kyle A. Comfort, (KIA, May 8, 2010) Comfort Farms promotes a structured, holistic approach for displaced veterans suffering from PTSD and other invisible disabilities, aiding their reintegration into family, society and economy. Comfort Farms grows premium heritage pastured pork (NON-GMO), and we offer their sausage, pork chops, and bacon with more items to come. The breeds available from Comfort Farms are Berkshire, American Mule Foot, and Mangalista with many new breeds coming soon! If you are interested in whole hog, or half hog options for your freezer, please email us at: teamdirt@thedirtfarmers. We will call you for more details. 

Every time you buy Comfort Farms pork products the proceeds goes to the non-profit Stag/Vets which uses sustainable agriculture and farming to help veterans suffering from PTSD, and employ them in organic farming

Jams, Jellies, Sauces, & More

Greenway Farms- Roberta, Ga

Blackberry Jalapeno Jam    -    Mild Pepper Jelly - Peachy Pepper Jelly
Blueberry Peach Jam       -       Strawberry Jam - Fig Preserves - Plum Jelly

Garlic Dill Pickles    - Jalapeno Sweet Pickles - Chow Chow         -    Spaghetti Sauce
Muscadine Jelly   -   & More.....  All Made with locally grown fruits and vegetables. Contains no artificial flavors.

The Little Farm- Gray, Ga
The Little Farm makes our exclusive seasonal jams and jellies that change, and are featured weekly

Grocery Items:
Gayla's Grits- Lakeland, Ga
Non Gmo, Gluten Free, No Preservatives. G
rits and corn meal are a Southern staple in the pantry. Gayla's grows, mills, and packages their products to ensure the freshest local grits and corn meal money can buy.
Back To Basics 101- Cochran, Ga
Whole grain, soft red wheat flour and baking mixes. Grown and milled on their family farm located in Bleckley County.
Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butters- Chamblee, Ga
Sourcing the highest quality, natural and Non-GMO peanuts, almonds, and ingredients, Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butters are the kings of the nut butter trade. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality, freshness and flavor in a facility that they own and operate in Atlanta, Georgia. Available Premium nut butters: Creamy peanut butter, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Almond Butter

Artisan Breads
Jonah's On Johnston- Forsyth, Ga
What Makes Our Bread Special?
Jonah's On Johnston specialize in hearth breads that are baked in a artisan brick oven.  This method of baking is incredibly labor-intensive, but we think the flavor of the bread is worth the extra effort.  Bread baked in a brick oven develops a thicker, more caramelized crust and chewier crumb than bread baked in gas or electric ovens.  The bread at Jonah's is a great treat for the artisan bread lover
Choose from Specialty flavored breads: Cranberry Walnut, Cherry Pecan, Rosemary Parmesan, Blue Cheese Seeded or traditional loaves: Country Sourdough, Country Italian, Honey Wheat, Ciabatta
Bread Descriptions
Country Sourdough - Contains no egg. Crispy crust, chewy interior, slightly acidic, with rustic, complex flavor.
Honey Whole Wheat - Contains no egg. Crispy crust, chewy interior, slightly acidic, with a nutty, honey wheat flavor.
Country Italian
- Has an egg wash. Extremely crispy and crusty, elongated shape, milder flavor than sourdough.
Ciabatta - Contains no egg. Crisp crust, very open interior, mildly flavored bread in flattened shape.
Other specialty flavors include Rosemary Parmesan, Cranberry Walnut, and Blue Cheese Seeded Multi-Grain.

Whats in season regionally and offered year round through our Csa?
Weekly availability is exclusive to our Farmshare members, but here is a seasonal growing chart for our region:  Georgia Grown Seasonal Availability

Certified Organic Fruits and More:
We provide a complete line of Certified Organic fruits to offer a good variety and selection for our Farm Share members through each growing season. In addition we want to offer you a nutritional balance to the weekly Farm Box.  These change due to availability, and seasonally purchasing: Kiwi, Pineapple, Oranges, Tangerines, Pomegranite, Bananas, Ginger Root, Turmeric, Avocado, Grapes, Garlic, Mango's, Banana's, and Lemons to name a few.

And many, many more items available Weekly in our Farm Table selections for Farm share Members only

Recipes and produce information click here

A portion of each of our weekly veggie selection will go to a local charity or non-profit. For more info click here.
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